SCENOGRAPHY -For a hidden story

Sarah Guarino Werner would like to invite You to take part of an experimental sociodrama tour on Wednesday the 3rd of June 2010 at the exhibition space at Fredsgatan.

The tour will be led by her as a step relating to her ongoing research-project "The Resonant Body/ Psychodrama and sociodrama as an experimental artistic strategy". By approaching the artworks through the sociodramatic method her aim is to make you connect to the floating point of intersection inbetween art and life.

You don’t have to act. The whole point is joining.

"I think my walking is wonderful, since at this moment I even don't know what comes first, if it is the art in the way of propositions, or if it is the life that, suddenly, tumbles down inside me by bringing this state of over sensibility!”

Lygia Clark, January 22, 1970