The project ”THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING” borrows it´s title from Joan Didions novel with the same name. My reading of her book suggests that Joan Didion, by assuming a magical and ritual attitude towards life, manages to handle a life-crisis caused by the sudden death of her husband. Everyday things get unforeseen proportions, the banal turns into something fatal. In the wake inbetween soul and external conditions, the magical thinking comes up, and actions are born in this area between inner and outer reality.


My art-project “THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING” aims at collecting and registering traces of my contemporary time, to simultaneously capture and catalogue both the subjective and the common. A daily watercolour painting of my aura, as a gleam of my inner life, and DN´s daily main headline, as a collective memory. The project is planned to go on like this for at least a year. I see it as an accumulation of time and space, an attempt to position myself in our contemporary period and to understand the structures and connections that forms our culture. The direct, unmediated experience, against the procedures and the systems deliberate strategies, the inner logic against external signs. The magical thinking turns the principle of coincidence to a law of nature, and in that sense my artwork considers the arbitrary opposing the systematic. The work can also be seen as a commentary to the religious conflicts and metaphysical longing of our time.